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        Somewhere along the line something got changed on my h9 pedal so now my tap tempo button switches presets forward instead of “tap tempoing”. Would someone please lead me to the source of remedying this issue?

      Many thanks for any help! Wishing you and yours a great weekend!



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      Page 10:

      Using the Right Footswitch to Tap Tempo or Parameter Values

      To turn Tap Mode ON/OFF, press and hold the right footswitch for 2 seconds. A blinking Tap LED indicates that both Tap Mode and Tempo are ON. Under these conditions, tapping the Right Footswitch will adjust the Tempo and the display will indicate the Tempo in BPM. A solidly lit Tap LED indicates that Tap Mode is ON but Tempo is OFF. Under these conditions, tapping the Right Footswitch will set the value of the given algorithm's "tappable" parameters. The display will indicate the value for those parameters (usually in mSec or Hz).

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