Tap Tempo for multiple pedals. 5 volt tap signal?

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      michael winston

       I'm currently using the Boss FS-5U as an AUX tap tempo switch on my TimeFactor.  I use an Axess Midi footcontroller for bypass/preset selection. This works perfectly for me.  Excellent job guys!!

      I'm currently having a pedal made that has an external tap tempo jack.  I'm hoping to split the cable from the FS-5U and send it to both the Timefactor and this new pedal.  The builder says it will work as long as the other pedal uses a standard 5 volt tap signal (similar to a Boss DD-5 among others). 

       I've split a tap tempo with a DD-5 and a DD-20 and had great results. 

       Does this sound like it will work for the Timefactor?  Does it use a standard 5V signal from the AUX?  Has anybody else done something similar?

       Thanks all!

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       I had a passive dual tempo switch made for me by Andi at MonkeyFX

       It's just two sets of contacts under a single footswitch…and it's sparkly purple.



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      Eventide Staff

       Timefactor will be happy with a 5V AUX input. Note that the active value is 0V, typically a short to ground.For this reason, the passive approach is good.

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