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      I’ve just hooked up a Digitech FS3X to my H9 and configured it, to select presets and to get access to the hotknob, it works perfectly. 

      But I’ve realised the right switch on the H9 doesn’t work for tap tempo anymore while in BPM mode (it works in ms mode), global tempo is off.

      Any idea ?

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure CLK.IN is set to OFF.


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      Thanks for your reply, that’s exactly what I did after posting and now it works ! 🙂

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      I made this discovery last night.   I have been moving an H9 from a large pedal board with a MIDI controller to a small pedal board without a MIDI controller.   On the large pedal board I set up the controller to send a MIDI clock to the H9 (to set tempo).   Last night, while using the small pedal board I was surprised (and caught off guard) when I wasn’t unable to set the tempo by tapping the right footswitch on the H9.  Now, I know why, I need to change the MIDI setting to enable the Tap footswitch.    But, I’ve already ordered another H9 for the small pedal board so I won’t have to constantly yank an H9 on and off a pedal board couple times a week.   

Viewing 3 reply threads
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