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      Hi folks,

      I upgraded my TF to 2.4.2 and noticed that all Tape echo presets were somewhat different. After fooling around, I figured the guilty culprit is the depth/wow setting. When turning the knob, the display would show a ridiculous setting, like 952 (the depth range only goes from 0 to 10 on Tape echo). The  actual original setting was 5 I think, so maybe there is a logic to this, i.e. the middle number.

      The other delay that was really different was the Band delay. I think they made the resonance/Xknob more intense, so a high setting creates crazy pitches going up and down.

      Also, I use to have a reverse delay setting for a kind of ring modulator, and that's gone, so I'll have to figure out what happened there.

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      I experienced the same thing. But your suspicion that the middle number may be the original value hasn't occurred to me yet. I already tweaked everything by ear without checking this…too bad! But thanks for the suggestion. Could save people some time.

      I wonder if the weird, broken value would be a four digit number when the original value was a two digit number?? Have you checked this?

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