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      1a).  Would there be varying degrees of snap-to-pitch control built into PitchFactor's Diatonic/Quadravox algorithms; depending on which scale is selected?

      The best example to illustrate might be a Wton scale; 100 % wet Mix; single voice (A or B) set to UNISON.  Then start bending input notes upward or downward.  I'd imagine that would be the equivalent to the Eclipse' Quant parameter or similar.  In this particular scale, the 'capture window' seems to be very wide.  To a lesser degree, the other 'synthetic' scales (as opposed to the seven diatonic modes) appear to have a narrower range.  That is, one can bend a note significantly before it's 'snapped' to the nearest interval.

      1b). Were the unusual intervals found in synthetic scales (at times, three semitones) a factor in the decision process (for any under-the-hood Quant-type variables)?

      This is not a complaint.  I consider this a hidden 'feature' that I'd like to know more about.  For that matter, it may be more of a Glide-type parameter in most of the synthetic scales.  I haven't noticed any significant quantization in the diatonic modes.  Certainly not when compared to the latter selections.

      1c).  The Whole Tone scale (Wton) will select the same interval when set to either 6th or 7th.  That makes sense.  With a hexatonic scale, you'd have to 'double-up' on intervals somewhere.  I just wanted to confirm that this wasn't  an anomaly introduced in the V3 beta.

      2).  What would be the difficulty level of bringing Quant-type parameters to the front panel?

      If I were being greedy, I'd put it at the per-voice level, or perhaps per-scale.  Realistically, I'd speculate that a per-preset setting (same tier as the expression pedal) would be the best I could hope for.  Yes, yes:  it's Autotune.  At the risk of creating a few more Cher / T-Pain imitators, I believe that it could be a useful enhancement to performance.

      Guitarists & keyboardists alike could benefit from an option to have their harmony lines snapped to discrete pitches, while the dry signal still allows for pitch bending.  And if the process could be targeted by the expression pedal or MIDI …  That would greatly enhance any 'ensemble' feeling.  I suppose that it would have to be entered with an encoder – switch combination, or within the System settings as a worst case.

      I'm just throwing a few questions and ideas out there.  Eventide already makes some great stompboxes, and is obviously very open to user suggestions.  I really appreciate the multiple levels of control (knobs; pedal / switches; MIDI).  These boxes are set up like quality VST instruments.  The deeper that you dive into them, the more that you can get out of them.

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