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      Hey guys, I've got a Timefactor and Modfactor hooked up to a Tech 21 MIDI Mouse. I've got the Mouse going into the MIDI In on the MF, and then the MIDI OUT on the MF to the MIDI IN on the TF. 

      Both have the most recent software.

      I'm trying to setup them up so that when I select Channel 1 on the MIDI Mouse, it engages Bank 1:1 on both Eventides, Channel 2>>Bank 1:2, etc.

      The MF is transmitting fine (even with Program Transmit disengaged ), but the TF is the issue.

      Need to get this setup ASAP!

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      Here's a link to a Harmony Central thread that I started about about this topic to give you an idea of where I'm at here:

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      I'm guessing you got your answer on the other forum (set to XMT instead of Thru)

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