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      I have had my TF for about a week now and am getting into it nicely. I do know the looper is only supposed to work in play mode, BUT I connected a TC 3 button G-switch via the aux socket and now I can get the looper to work in bank mode, but with a minor problem.

      First you have to configure the aux TRS connections to Rec Play and Stop then save Preset 1:2 for example as the looper with your preferred settings. Now you can have a delay on preset 1:1 and switch to the looper in bank 1:2 whereupon the G-Switch does the necessary rec-play-stop functions.

      Only problem is there is a slight delay in the start of the playback. It seems to be playing it correctly but the audio is not present for about 1 second. Thus unfortunately precludes its use for live work doesn't it, which is a real shame. Setting Bypass to either DSP or relay makes no difference and I do have 2.4.1 installed.

      Is there any possibility of curing this?

      Thanks,   Hywel Harris

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Hywel,

      I'm having trouble reproducing this here.  Can you let me know if you have tempo mode on or off and if you have midiclock on or off?



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      Hi Dan, tempo is off, CLK IN is off, CLK OUT is off and CLK FLT is off


      Hywel Harris

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      Actually I have 2.4.2(1) installed. I just used the highest number in the download utility and assume it was .2.4.1

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