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      I love the sound of my TimeFactor, but I have to say that the usability leaves a lot to be desired.  That's my profession, so I sincerely do appreciate that building so much functionality into a small package makes it difficult to get usability, too, but….it could be considerably better.

      I built a really slick 3-button footswitch to try to make it more usable for me in a live setting.  It is a straight bar that will velcro to the front of my Pedaltrain board.  I went in and programmed the switch as follows: #1 is tap tempo, #2 is Bank -, #3 is Bank+.  It works just great!…until I go into Play mode.  Then the switches do completely different things. 

      So it appears I can't program the switches to do what I need in Play mode, which is the only mode that allows the preset names to be shown.  Is that right?  Or is there a trick to making this work properly?

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      To me, Bank+ and Bank- don't really make much sense in Play mode. You could consider using FS1/2/3, which give you the preset mode function in play mode, and vice-versa.

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      Hmmm…not sure what you're saying here.  Would you mind elaborating a bit? 

      For one thing, maybe I have a misconception about how to use Play mode; I thought presets (stored sets of FX, parameters, etc.) were only accessible in Bank mode.  For another, P. 32 doesn't seem to say anything about assigning an external switch to go through presets.

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      I'm not following this.  What I'd like to be able to do is switch up and down between presets (stored combinations of FX, parameter settings, and a name) using the footswitches.  I can currently only do this easily between two presets in bank mode.  I was hoping to do more than that using the aux footswitch.  I'm not seeing a ready explanation of how to do this on p. 32-34 in the manual.

      Another thing that isn't clear is whether the settings that you're recording (e.g. TIP > TAP TEMPO) apply globally (to all presets) or only to the preset you're in when you enter the system mode. 

      Thanks much for any help!

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