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      Hey all…My TF display has just started flashing some interesting messages. While in Bank Mode, it will flash something along the lines of "1/4 Turn ->" or "No Dly Turn <-". I haven't seen either of these before, and I'm not getting anything like that on my MF or PF. Any ideas, suggestions, etc. would be most appreciated. Thanks…Joe

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      It sounds like you have "Catchup" turned on. This is a knob mode which prevents the knobs from being active until they are physically moved to the saved value in the Preset.

      To turn this mode off, enter System Mode by pressing and holding both the Right Footswitch and Encoder Knob for a few seconds. Then turn the Encoder knob clockwise until you see UTILITY. Press the Encoder button to enter and look for CATCHUP. Press the Encoder Button to enter this menu and set to OFF.


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      Perfect. I had been making some system changes and must have inadvertently changed that to On. Thanks very much for the fix!

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