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      Can TF mimic a dub-style delay loop?  ie. If I'm playing with a short delay, is it possible to punch in a long delay using a knob or exp pedal that will effect only that punched-in snippet of sound, so it continues to delay to fade long after I've returned to the short delay?

      I read posts about this a year or two ago but can't find them now – and I think the answer was no, so i'm hoping there's been a solution or upgrade – or that I'm missing something obvious.  My Boss DD20 is still keeping TF from seeing gig action, because the DD20 achieves this effect by toggling between two presets, but the TF cuts the sound off quickly. And It was fairly simple to program this effect properly on my old GT-8. 

      I think the answer was that the TF just can't do two presets?  But within a preset, is it possible to use the second delay in this way?  

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      You could come from Bypass and "punch in" a long delay using the DSP+FX Bypass setting. With DSP+FX the delays will ring out after you hit Bypass again. But  you can't do this while still keeping the short delay. 

      PitchFactor can do something like what you asked for.

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