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      This is my first post.  I'm happy to say that I love my TF and PF, and I am looking forward to getting a MF.

      Does anybody have a link to an explanation of how to create reverb using multi-tap delays?

      I love the reverb you can get with MT and I have been tweaking it but I would like to know more.

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      I need help with this one as well. Seems like I can only get one type of reverb sound from Multi Tap.Angry

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      I have found that you can get some pretty awesome tones if you only need a single delay you can use the second delay and set it to a very low mS setting say below 30 this creates nice ambience and obviously you can use this on every delay type to alter the overall sound.

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      I would start with TimeFactor Factory Preset 1:2. It's a reverb sound created from Multitap. By adjusting Feedback and Delay Times you can get quite a few different reverb sounds out of it.

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