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      Hi all

      I'm using the TF in full stereo with a Chapman Stick : bass strings are processed with the A input, and higher strings with the B input. 

      When I'm using a preset with a delay on B and no delay on A, but with some modulation, I hear the modulation on both inputs, even the one without delay. I thought the modulation were on the trails of the delay only. I'm wrong?

      This makes the TF unuseful for me in this configuration, because I don't want necessarily to hear some modulation on the input withourt delay. Could it be possible to add a feature on the next update to begin the modulation only when the delay has more than 1 ms delay time (and thus, when you're at 0 ms, there's no delay and no modulation)?

      Thanks in advance for your reply

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      It works this way because many people like to turn the delays to 0ms and use TimeFactor as a chorus pedal. It is still only the delays which are modulated, but when the delays are at 0ms you hear them at the same time as the dry signal.

      If you want to completely bypass the wet on one channel, a splitter and A/B switcher could achieve that effect.

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