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      I have a question about spillover on time Factor:

      Is it possible to bypass a patch, and than to hear the echoe ending naturally while the effect has just been unactivated?I tought that when setting Spillover to on, it was suppose to give that result. I

      I just upgraded my unit and thought maybe that it was going to be working this time, but noting.The delay is stopping right away when unactivated still if spillover is set on . If it' s possible on the DL-4 and the TC. ND-1,why it would be  not on the TF?!  Anyway, I have spent a lot of time on this and would appreciate some help. I really need that smooth transition option, and I want it on the TF!

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      You can do it, but you've to choose the right bypass mode. You probably choose the true bypass mode.

      But this spillover will not function if you choose immediately a new preset. In this case, you will loose the on going feedback.

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