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      I have not seen the following issue addressed, so I thought I would post to see

      if I am missing something.  

      Running 10.6.5 Mac OSX, when I open the eventide update utility

      and my TimeFactor is in non-update mode, the device is recognized

      and I am prompted to select a firmware to download, once downloaded, 

      I try update (without placing in update mode) and the update fails giving me a message that

      the device is not in update mode.

      When I place in update mode and attempt the update I get the message:

      No Eventide MIDI devices could be located. Attach your device and press

      "Refresh" to proceed.

      When looking at the OSX midi utility, I am shown that the device is recognized

      and that my ports in and out are 1 & 1.  I did verify that clock was not set to send.

      I am bummed…I really want to hear what everyone is talking about.  Any thoughts

      on what can be done to remedy?  I really wish I could get the file and use a sysex

      utility to update…I have done that to my AxeFx in the past and it was stable..I can't help

      but think the software utility is the culprit in this case, but perhaps I am wrong.  Anyone 

      with a hint as to a fix would have my undying gratitude!

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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