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      Just wondering if there's a trick to the slur control  added to the Tape Echo algorithm in the V3beta16 release for the TF or if I'm just missing something obvious (wouldn't be the first time)? The release notes say that it replaces the FeedbackB control and blends the echoes. However, to me, it still sounds like it's just controlling FeedbackB…

      Also, I really like the addition of the Output Meter! It's really going to come in handy when I use my pedalboard with different amps (something I do regularly) and should also be useful in trying to diagnose a too-low signal level potentially introducing extraneous noise.

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      Eventide Staff

      You are an observant man Timothy Hill, arguably more observant than some of us over here. 

      The Feedback B knob in Tape Echo still controls the feedback of Delay B.  It seems that the display from the Feedback B knob in Multitap accidentally got copied to the Tape Echo algorithm, and that change got added to the release notes.

      Sorry for the confusion and we should be able to put a new build up on Monday which fixes this.

      Thanks for pointing this out,


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      Thanks for the clarification, Dan! That makes sense, too… Slur is definitely useful in Multitap, but admittedly, I was wondering what a slur control would add to the Tape Delay. I'm sure it would've been good, though. And trust me, I know how easy it is to accidentally copy something to the wrong place, only to find out it's propagated through everything else.

      Thanks again!! Oh, and just to give credit where it's due, Aceshigh025 mentioned this as well in the "PitchFactor 3.0.0beta[16] & FactorLibe Testing" thread.

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      Thanks Tim 🙂

      and thanks Eventide for working to fix this. I was kind of curious to hear the slur on the tape echo with the saturation and warble turned up though…

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