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      Hi, wondering if the dunlop dvp3 volume x will be ok as an expression pedal with my Timefactor? The exp output from the dunlop is 10k. Thx!

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      Bump 🙂

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      'Crickets chirping' bump 🙂

      So the TF exp jack handles 5-20 kohm (the dunlop should be ok then) and the TF exp jack is mono… But the dunlop is stereo TRS.. How do I know this connects as it should?

      Or… Do all expression pedals work with the TF?

      Or… Which exp pedals do not work and should be avoided?

      I looked at the faq but am a little confused about the stereo to mono issue and do not want to risk anything.


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry about the noisy crickets. We have no experience with this pedal, so cannot guarantee it will work.

      It looks like it should be OK (TRS is fine), but we can't say for sure because we have never used one.  See also the FAQ section on pedals.

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      No problem.. thanks for the reply!

      My concern with the TRS was if the voltage control is on the wrong side…? I am not so sure of the tech side of things or if this is even an issue but I guess manufacturers would not be helping themselves by making a 'different' type exp pedal.. I guess I will try it out and let you know.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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