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      I am truly amazed. After spending 40 years involved with making music and spending unknown amounts of money on all sorts of gear, the new H9 update feels like the future is finally here. After getting everything up and running my simple pedal board is amazing. I feel, in a very good way, like I just spent a thousand dollars. Even though this is all true, I still would not be starting this thread. What inspires me is Eventides commitment to their products. Having dealt with so many different companies. Having seen how they deal with, support, repairs, updates, and discontinuing those aspects for “legacy” products, I am floored by this update. I do not know all the inner workings of Eventide but you guys are doing something right. It seems like there is a vision that really cares about the product and the people who use it. I once read a quote (if I remember right) from John Abercrombie that stated something like this “all musicians are winners because we get to do the greatest thing on earth”. Eventide you have lived up to that belief. Peace

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      Cookie whole-heartedly agrees.  wink  Thank you very much, Eventide, for not only the new algo but your continuing dedication and commitment to your customers.  I was eagerly anticipating the CrushStation and was pleasantly blown-away with the additional pre/post routing, wet/dry and in/out swell features that came along for the ride.  And while I was a bit disappointed that Forced Feedback was not included (and somewhat “meh” with the sag control – something I’ll never use), the pre/post routing alone washed away any negative vibes remaining.  With my arsenal of the Four Factors and H9 established, I’ve been selling off my collection of vintage pedals.  All my old-school DOD, Boss and MXR pedals are already gone.  Eventide processing only!  But I’m going to keep my Uni-Vibe clone and EHX Ravish Sitar pedal.  Waiting, hoping, praying that these too can be eventually replaced with new algos for the H9.  Still, at the end of the day, a heart-felt THANK YOU to Eventide for such a spectacular job.

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      Thank you team Eventide.  Your efforts this release gave me the two most important features my performance rig needed.  Volume control, and the MIDI merge additions.   While I benefit from everything you are doing, these two enhancements made it into every evening I perform, and will be appreciated again and again.  I already benefit from a live rig that has folks buzzing about how very different it sounds, and how I can setup something new while recording in virtually seconds.. Each time I smile and know I made the right decision to ‘load up on a bunch of Maxes’.



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      I just wanted to say thank you for the great products, great support, and great innovation.  You all rock!  The H9 is by-far my favorite pedal ever.  I bought two because it is so great.  I also love the forum, the support, and the algorithms.  Eventide is a wonderful company, and I am very brought to be a supporter.  

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for the love! While "ask and you shall receive" may not be our official mantra, we do value our customer's input as it helps pave the way to product improvements and future innovation.

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      Just bought my second H9 and Powerfactor2.

      Thanks for these great products!

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