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      Some of the presets are not working properly. On the preset it read as E maj and the harmony will not be maj. If I cycle through the scales and put back to E maj then it works correctly. I then saved this to the bank preset but as soon as I click to another preset and back to it it again is not a Maj harmony. I've own the pedal for about a month and I am running it with an expression pedal if that has any to do with it. What's up?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Roqmuzik,

      A few questions to help me try and duplicate your the issue: 

      What firmware version is running in the PF? 

      Which presets are not working?  Are they factory presets, or presets you programmed?


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      I think I'm getting similar problems when trying to LEARN chords.

      If I play a simple Fmaj triad, the PF still seems to default to minor.

      My previous presets learned chords perfectly.

      Now I'm finding myself having to set chords manually.

      Did I miss a new switch somewhere buried in the utilities that keeps chord harmonies set?


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