The Latest H9 Control update and firmware is Brilliant!

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      Thanks Eventide you guys have done an awesome job with this update so many new options now!

      Crushstation sounds awesome!

      Pre Post routing and the ability to remove my passive volume pedal from the chain and use it either as an expression or in/out volume on preset basis.  Fantastic!!

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      MIDI merge! Nice job! You guys hit it out of the park…

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      Great job Eventide! This is absolutely brilliant! I dropped everything earlier this morning the moment i saw the latest demo vid went live and fired up my H9 Max and the Windows App and went through the whole update process for the app and H9 and started exploring the Crushstation algo’s various parameters and discovered a very wide range of tones from Distortion into Overdrive and FUZZ with the combination of the Dist, Pre/Post Sustain, Sag and Grit parameters!!! Wow if H9 was already the coolest pedal on the planet this new algorithm takes it’s it beyond!

      Great job with the playing on the vid Alan Chaput. Love the refreshing sense of humour with the Bib and Claw guys it’s hilarious!

      I’ve yet to explore the other  goodies like the PrePost Routing which basically means there’s no excuse for  having the 3rd H9 onboard my rig specifically for the front end as Compressor/EQ and now Crushstaion with Volume or Wah.

      Really appreciate it that the H9 app is able to go full screen on my monitor now.

      Thanks Eventide!

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      Eventide Support:  could you guys please comment if the Wet/Dry option will ever be available for the Pitchfactor?  I was super-excited to see that feature added, but it’s apparently only for the H9.

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      Eventide Staff

      The new H9 features (except Crush) will be available for 'Factors. We are finalizing in-house testing, and will put it out for public Beta this month or next.

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      Nick, thanks so much for the reply!!  Just for clarification purposes, say I have the micropitch algorithm using a stereo detune.  Using the wet/dry, would the Pitchfactor combine both Pitch A and Pitch B into one channel, while sending the dry signal to the other channel?  Regardless, I can’t wait–thanks again!

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      Hi guys! Can you feed the signal from Crushstation straight to desk, or it has to go to a guitar amp?



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      Eventide Staff

      "would the Pitchfactor combine both Pitch A and Pitch B into one channel, while sending the dry signal to the other channel?  "


      Yes – this is exactly how it is meant to be used.


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      Given To Fly

      I think its rather amazing what Eventide can add to their FX processors after they have been designed and produced. I have no idea how difficult any of these changes were to make but, as far as I can tell, no other companies are adding significant features to their existing products. To be fair, I only have Eventide Factor pedals and an H9 Core for my digital FX so I may not be the best judge as to what other companies are doing. 





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