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      hi, as I've just received the replacement power supply which is EU version according to the suggestion of the staff from eventide, I, who live in "Thailand" which the voltage usage of 220V 50 hz, just plugged in the EU power supply yesterday and eventually the supply exploded. 

      This is what's written on the power supply

      Input: 230V 50Hz 100ma

      Output: 9V 500ma

      And it's center positive

      I was trying to use it with the Space Reverb which requires 9VDC @500ma Center positive

      I'm wondering if there is anything wrong with the EU version of adapter; such as the wrong voltage usage, but I think the specification of the supply matches with Thailand voltage usage correctly or may be it's just a technical problem of the inside circuit of the adapter because the adapter was just arrived within a week and I only plugged it in the first time for 5 minutes and then it exploded. [a bit sad and disappointed : ( ]

      Can the power supply still be able to used? and what are some solutions here?

      Thank you for any further suggestion.

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      Eventide Staff

      Please contact

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      Hi there, i had the same problem. But i live in Brazil.

      First i had an issue with the original power supply, so i ordered other with the same specs and suddenly it kinda 'exploded'. I'm looking forward to buy some replacement, but don't really know what to do in this case.


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      Where did you order the other power supply from? Could you send an email to and describe the problem you had with the original power supply?

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