the Timefactor is potentially the best looper pedal out there, and a nice delay unit too!

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      Firstly, great pedal! And thanks for the update and help so far, great work Eventide! Ive been touring and using the timefactor solidly for the last month and am very happy with it, especially after the beta update. One thing though, you have said the timefactor is not a dedicated looper but a delay pedal and so therefore wont match the performance of other looper pedals. I actually disagree withyou on that, I think the timefactor is an unusual but good looper, and potentially amazing. With a couple more additions, i think it would match anything out there. 

      So easy ones first.

      Fade out loop – Any chance the spare dial in looper mode could be used to control how the decay setting works. Eg. fully left, then decay works as it does now with new incoming audio replaced the current looping audio. Then maybe turn the dial to a new decay setting where the looping audio fades out with a linear fade. The fade time could be set by the decay setting, so decay =25% then the loop fades down by a quartet volume over the first repeat, and so on until after 4 loops its gone. This would be great and so much better than manually turning down the dry/wet mix. I know decay kind of does this already but only when recording and also only by a volume drop when the loop restarts, rather than with a constant fade out. This way means that for long loops you have to fade out manually.

       Reverse Loop – This should be fairlly easy no? Reverse buffer read pointer and thats it?

      Increase resolution of dials – sometimes its hard to dial a precise value in, maybe if encoder held down then this would increase the res of any other dial turn?

       The final one, and this is a tricky one admittedly, is the sync to midi clock. As far as I'm aware no looper pedal (apart from maybe very pricey rack type units like the echoplex) will sync to midi clock (Boss's bigger loopstation claims to but is dodgy). So, basically if the pedal is synced to a drum beat, you would want the record and playback of loops to be quatized so that they only start or stop on the beat. This would be an unbelievable feature that would truly make the timefactor the best looper pedal goin. It would be a fantastic frontend for say Ableton Live as you could do all your looping with a nice dedicated (and reliable) guitar pedal and yet be synced to beats and backin tracks coming from the computer. 

      This might be tricky but it really would be an amazing feature and would push the timefactor into a different class altogether.

      The final thing is kind of related. I've always wanted to be able to build up loops on guitar using a looper pedal, and to have the looper pedal send out midi clock so that you can sync beats to the guitar loop (vice versa to my previous point). Again, no looper pedal does this, and it would be a major selling point. I also wonder if it might be relatively easy as once you know the length of the first loop recorded, then you can jsut start transmitting midi clock as multiples of that loop time???? Is it that easy?

      Anyways, thank you Eventide for a great pedal and youre excellent support. I cant wait for the next update and really, really hope that you will think about some of the things i mentioned.

      Good job!


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