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      I just got my Time Factor and was wondering if there is a way to "Bank Down" instead of having to scroll through all the banks.

      If I have 10 banks and want to go from 2 back to 1, I have to scroll through all the banks. If I go to far by accident….well you get what I mean. Could be a pain on stage.

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      get a 3 button aux switch and set one of them for bank down.  It's all in the manual how to set it up.

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      Thanks, I saw that after I posted….My Bad!. Can I just use a single button set up? I have a spot for one button.

      I am not sure I will even need it. I set up 3 banks for right now. (I have only had it a couple of days) but i will probably end up with at least 5 which is still easy to scroll through.

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      yes you could use a single button ( it would be Tip out of the three choices the others being Ring and Tip&Ring)  Just remember it needs to be  momentary contact normally open switch.

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