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      Hi guys, my time factor is about 3 years old and has the software update of v3.5

      I noticed that as i play a note, there will be a cracking/static sound. I diagnose the problem, and its not my drive nor my reverb pedals, but it was the eventide time factor. The sound is very subtle in the beginning, but gets worst as i play more.

      Anybody encounter this problem? Even when i bypass it, It still gives me the cracking/static sound. Can anybody help?

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      Eventide Staff

      Could be a bad connection – try wiggling all the plugs and see if it changes.

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      when i wiggle out the plugs it is quite loose to the power, so the power might just cut off.. haha.

      Could it be the connection inside? I tested the pedal alone, direct it from my guitar to my amp.

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      I wiggled all the plugs. The power connecting to it is quite loose, it might lose power.

      Anyway, when i checked it, i directed my guitar to the stomp box and into the amp, (no other pedals when i diagnosed the problem)

      Oh, and i'm using vintage delay most of the time.

      Anyway, thanks for the prompt reply !!!!

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