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      I tried to return my timefactor back to previous softwaere version.  After running update I recieved message saying that update failed and to restart timefactor.  I unplugged and plugged timefactor  power in and now I only get a few LEDs lit on display and pedal does not function.  I tried to initialize holding center footswitch and encoder knob at the same time during power up.  Still dead.  I get the EVENTIDE banner on display but then only a few LEDs

      Any suggestions

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      Try to power on the unit in Update mode and then load the software on it.

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      Eventide Staff

      If you can't get it into update mode, it will have to come home to mother. Sorry.

      support@eventide.com or your dealer.

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      yes after i was done with my brain fart, I remembered to use the middle footswitch during power up to force the unit into update mode.  All is good so it can stay with me but tell mother she says "HELLO".

      Thanks for the responses.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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