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      Andy S

      Hello, I have a feeling there is a simple solution for this. Since upgrading to 2.0 Beta the 3 button aux swith i use (digitech fS3X ) does not remember the aux switch assignments after I power down and then back up

      It does always give me the ability to use it for the looper funtion ( it doesnt forget those )….but it doesnt remember the other functions ( I want it simply in play mode,repeat, time tap etc. )…..

      I think thats supposed to be the new default for aux 3 button switches, right ?

      As an fyI this footswitch worked before the update and it works with my modfactor now

      I know there is a solution, I just cant figure it out and I'm having to program the switch before every gig.

      Thanks ! Andy

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      Eventide Staff

       In TF 2.0 beta the defaults for the switches has changed – they are set up as FS1,FS2,FS3 respectively.

       These functions drive the alternate mode – e.g. if you are in PLAY mode they will drive the BANK mode switches and vice-versa.

      All you probably need to do is to turn OFF the FS1-3 assignments – they are at the end of the AUX SW setup list.

      These new assigments are causing some confusion, so they will go back to their previous values for the next release. 

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