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      I'm not sure if this is possible but I would like to have the ability to add modulation to the Multitap echo effect which would allow for a really incredible chorus sound. My favorite chorus sounds are multiple echo taps with very short delay times with modulation on them (as can be heard on Yamaha UD stomp or Magicstomp). I realize that there are no unused front panel buttons on the TF for the modulation setting but I have to say I NEVER use the multitap as it is now so you could take away the least useful parameter and put modulation there. I know the TF is a delay pedal but still it would be nice to get a better chorus sound

      I love the sound quality of the TF but on a few of the 10 basic echo effect types I don't find some of the arbitrary parameters you've given us to adjust all that useful (like the bit resolution in Vintage Delay and there are others). It would be nice if you could add a second, deeper editing level to get access to more adjustable parameters for each delay type. Maybe you could use the Tempo encoder button to somehow get access to those new parameters. I know this would make programming the TF a little less user friendly but I often find myself wishing there were more things I could tweak with each sound but I just don't have access to those parameters, they are just out of reach. I suspect the TF has the horsepower to allow this but I could be wrong.

      I do like the TF – a lot– but I keep thinking it could be so much better if there were some way to  access things that are currently just out of reach.

      Thanks for listening!

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