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      Hi Guys,

                 Im using a Mesa Boogie Triple Rec, before that a peavey valve king. I run distortion wah pedal volume pedal through front of amp . Then through the effects loop I have run boss tremolo, flanger. EHX reverb & time factor.

      On the footswitch for ther triple rec there is an option to turn on/off the effects loop. When I turned on the effect loop there is a noticeable drop in in volume and tone.

       I've discovered that its down to the timefactor as I just used that in the fx loop when giggin last friday nite and same tone loss./volume drop occured. (I used reverb on its own and was fine no issues)

      The problem occurs even when I have the timefactor turned off and push the FX loop for the amp on my  footswitch on. The tone loss is horrible especially on the distorted channels of the mesa, the volume loss is annoying to as I have to turn my amp up to , what can I do to fix this as ideally I'd like to leave the FX loop switched on he footswitch all the time, is this something to do with true by pass series or buffers ? Please help

      Please note I've also tried different combinations of pedals before after the timefactor also as read an article about boss pedals being a buffer (even though dont fully understand it ) and didnt work.

      I updated my time factor to latest patch and turned volume up onit also. The tone loss is really horrible sounds really "TINNY" sound

      Please help

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      not used that amp personally, but is it a parallel or serial effects loop?… i.e. can you mix in the level of effects loop with the dry sound? (Parallel) or does all the sound go through the effects loop when engaged? (Serial)

      if it is parallel you might want to enable the "KillDry" function that will only allow the wet or processed sound through the Factor, but leave it disabled if in a serial loop.

      right tone suck….

      have you tried the toggle switches on the back of the factor? Basically they switch the input and output between "Line" level and "Guitar" level…. So depending on what level the effect loop is designed to work with, one should sound better than the other. Just try the different combinations.

      personally I would try this with just the TimeFactor in the loop and get it to sound right and then introduce the other pedals one at a time after you have got it sounding right… Other things might interact with the factor and be altering the results.

      next you should look at the different buffer options, you have options for buffered and un-buffered ..in relay, DSP+FX etc.. The info is in the manual under the bypass options.

      Gut feel is that it more related to the line level and interaction with the other pedals… But like I said, I have not used that amp personally.

      Hope that helps and good luck.

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      Hi Thanks for response,

        Can mix the level of wet dry signal on mesa unlike peavey valve king (i used previously) so am guessing it series ?

      I dont even understand the concept of a buffer ?

      I dont think is the interaction with other pedals as  I said I've used on its own in effects loop and same tone suck voulme drop occurs even when the pedal is not switched on but effects loop is

      I know the switched you are talking about on the back of the timefactor but am I right they only effect the the loop when the pedal is actually turned on ? this problem happens when I turn on the effects loop and haven't the timefactor turned on ?

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      Hi thanks for the response,

            The amp has knobs which allow the mix of signal to be altered I.e wet signal so am thinking is series. My previous amp peavey valave kings didnt have this option so am guessing wasn't series

      I'm unsure what a buffer is to be honest ?

      I dont think its how it connected with other pedals as I said I used it on its own in the effects loop and even when timefactor turned off as soon as I turn the effects loop on the amp has volume drop horrible tone especially on distorted channel

      I know the switched you are talking about on the  back of the timefactor but I dont think they are the problem, like I said this occurs when the timefactor is not being used but the effects loop is turned on

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      Ok, have a play with the switches, they will affect the level if the buffer settings are not set to relay (true bypass)

      I think the default settings for the TimeFactor is to be buffered.

      Try the switches first, given that the other pedals are guitar pedals you might need to set the TimeFactor in as "Amp" and the output as "Line"… Just try the various combinations of this switches.

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