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      I Timefactor and Line 6 M9 for all my delays, and ideally would like to have individual song presets on the TF that when engaged would send via MIDI the song specific tempo.

      However so far all I can get it to do is send the BPM tapped in from my Aux switch.  Global is off and every preset on the TF comes on at the correct tempo, its just not sending preset tempos via MIDI, only the manually tapped in tempo.

      Please, any help would be appreciated.  

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      I am running 3.5.0[4] software.

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      Eventide Staff

      The next version will be out before long (see other posts to understand why I can't say exactly  when) and we'll make sure the fix is in it.

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      So just for my own clarification, there wasn't a fix for this in 3.5.0[4], and what I am experiencing is a known issue?  Looking forward to the update. and getting things functioning smoothly!!  Thanks

Viewing 3 reply threads
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