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      Hello !

      I’m using the Time Factor with 1 amplifier and 2 guitar effects lines for 1 guitar.
      So the guitar signal is split (dynamically with a stereo crossfade pedal) so as to feed the 2 effects lines.
      The 2 effects lines get processed seperately in the Time Factor and fed to the left output to the Amplifier.

      It all works fine when the preset is on BUT when bypassed, I only get one line (the first) to the output.
      I would like the two inputs to be merged when bypassed as well.

      I’ve read the manual a hundred times but could not find the info as how to do that (or IF I can do that)

      Does somebody know how to achieve that ?

      Thanks a lot !

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry, the TimeFactor will not sum the stereo inputs to a mono output when the pedal is bypassed. As a work around, you could adjust the mix value to 0 instead of bypassing the pedal, and this will preserve the mono summed signal.

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      But it’ not gonna work for me

      I need the unit to work as a Stomp Box (which it is) meaning I want to bypass the effects using the footswitch while I’m playing – I’m not gonna move some knob on the floor 🙂

      I’m gonna try to sum both outputs with a Y cable.
      I’ll tell you if that works

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      Eventide Staff

      A Y-cable is not the best way to sum a stereo output pair. You’ll want a device that properly sums the stereo output to a mono signal.

      Alternatively, you can get an aux switch or expression pedal and map that to the mix control.

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