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      I would like your opinion and expertise on a matter that only came up recently. I’ve been using my Eventide TimeFactor for years now on my Rhodes Colossus without any technical glitches. I decided to use it with a different amp, a Fryette Pittbull UL 120 and noticed that when used in the FX loop series mode the channel volume of the amp didn’t function in its usual fashion – the clean channel needed to be set lower than usual while the lead channel significantly higher than usual. In the parallel mode, which is my preferred mode, the nature/voicing of the amp sounded out of phase and throaty. I’ve A/B’d with other pedals and noticed that the other pedals worked just fine. I used the delay with other amps, namely my Rhodes Colossus and it worked just fine. Is there anything I could try differently to make things work?

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      Hi Euripides,

         when your amp fx loop is in parallel mode you will want to set any of the Eventide pedals to Kill Dry mode.

      The reason that you are hearing phasiness in the sound is from the AD/DA converter induced latency of the digital dry signal path that the Eventide pedals utilize.

      In my experience an analog dry thru scheme causes less issues with most time based fx algos but Eventide had their own vision n this area.

      The Kill Dry parameter is covered in TF manual.

      Good Luck!



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