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      Is there a document or spreadsheet available for all of the new presets listing the setting of each of the 11 front panel knobs? There is a card that comes with the TF manual that has settings for the original 10 banks (20 presets) and it's nice to look at the presets and compare the settings at a glance. Plus if I tweak a knob  on the Factor and save and want to quickly go back to the original I could just look at the preset and tweak the knob quickly without hooking the Factor up to my computer and doing it that way. I know I could go through each preset and write down the parameters myself but I thought that I'd ask first if it's already been done.

      If this isn't currently available I'd like to make the request to have this, it doesn't have to be in the same format as the card that came with the manual, a spreadsheet will do.

      Other Factor owners might want this too.

      Thanks for listening!


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      I concur- that would be sweet to have!

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      As a newbie here and with the new updates for the TF and MF, I think that this would be a great idea and shouldn't be an onerus task.

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      I just wanted to bump this back up to the top of the list. Are the preset settings coming any time soon?


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      I have posted a similar question a few months ago
      (http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/t/6155.aspx) but nobody asnwered or
      at least supported the topic. So I decided to make my own Preset
      Parameters list. Unfortunatelly my enthusiasm lasted just for the first
      20 TF presets, because it is a pretty time consuming (and very boring)
      process. Anyway please find this MS Word file attached to this post. It
      might be useful and who knows, maybe somebody of TF users will finish
      the job and share it with us.

      All the best!

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      zikamuricpe, I want to do a similar job with the PitchFactor… how do you obtained the parameters from your  TimeFactor?  

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      I did it by slightly rotating every knob and than reading the value on display… Of course you have to turn cathchup function on to be able to read default parameters instead of changing them instantly.

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      major props for you mate! you're on nice bloke Yes

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