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      Sorry, I might be missing out on something here but after about a month of using my new Time Factor in rehearsals and on stage I start to have some pressing questions:

      – I programmed my own presets and they sounds great. The problem I have is that everythime I need to tweak one single parameter by a tiny bit is like starting from scratch because dipens on the random position of the knob in that moment and is very difficoult to guess what the value was in the preset. So I was wandering what is the best way to VIEW the parameters of all the presets. Would that place be the presets editor? I find that program is not up to the standard of the Eventide name and quality/value of the pedal. How the hell that works? The instructions are poor. Even a brand like Line6 which in my humble opinion builds domestic toys provide some proper editors and computer programs to store, edit and manipulate on the screen the presets. I thought a brand like Eventide would have to do better. I am still running the software version 2.4.2 and not the beta V3. If i'm not wrong the beta 3 version is a BETA software, not fully developed yet, right? Buggy. I decided long ago that life is too sort to run beta software so I'm still waiting for the proper V3 software. Am I doing the right thing? Thanks for your help in advance 🙂

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      The best way to view Preset parameters is to turn Cacthup on. This is an option in System Mode under UTILITIES. With Catchup on, when you turn a knob the display will flash the stored value for that knob and won't change value until the knob gets moved to that stored location.

      We continue to improve our products based on customer requests, and there will be a new version of the Factolib librarian software soon.

      V3 has been very stable by customer accounts but if you prefer to wait until a production release to update, that's fine. Stay tuned for V3 final!


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      Great Alan, thanks. That's really helpful.

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      Yes, Catchup is definitely the way to go, I had exactly the same issue.

      I now run all the time with Catchup on my Factors for this very reason.

      Downside? The only downside it if you want to do any realtime tweaking of the knobs… it makes it a bit more cumbersome….but a small price to pay IMHO…I just turn it off for those times and then turn it back on for gigs etc. 

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      oh, BTW been running beta 3 since it came out and it has been very stable for me

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      Me, too… I've been running V3 on all the Factors since it came out. Very stable… the only bugs I've seen (all detailed elsewhere on this forum) have been very minor.

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