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      I just updated to the latest firmware 2.4.2.(1) (Not the beta).  I noticed that the saturation control on the Tape Delay setting still does not change the sound at all.  Am I missing something or is this still the same as in the beta version?  Is this going to be updated anytime soon?


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      Yeah, they really should give that saturation control more effect. It does something though…slightly… when set on 10…but only if it receives a really hot signal.

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      Eventide Staff

      It is a more subtle control, and yes, much like saturation due to magnetic tape, it does depend on your input level.  Since it only applies to the repeats try listening with the both delays set to no delay and the mix all the way wet.  Turn the saturation knob and you'll hear slight compression in the lower knob ranges, to more compression (especially on attack portion) in the mid to upper mid range of the knob, and then some slight distortion with the knob all the way up.  Combine these sounds with the filter knob (a low pass filter) to get some retro repeats. 

      I would also try using a gain boosting pedal before the TF to get more level, and be careful with "True Bypass" pedals and/or really long cables from passive guitars.  These situations cause most of your signal to be loaded down at the pickups resulting in a significant gain loss (especially in the high freqs). 

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Guys,

      What Russ says is true.  I'll also add that if you're
      using TF in the loop, all amp loops are not at the same level.  In some
      instances it might be necessary to run the TF in Gutiar/Instrument mode
      even in the loop.  This will increase the level in the pedal and give
      you more saturation in the TapeEcho.


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      Then I hope you'll give the saturation control more reach in the next update! I use it in the loop, and I send it as high a level as I possibly can –  just on the edge of power section overdrive. When I push the power section into serious overdrive, the TF will also overload. My amps are designed for mostly power tube saturation though.

      With saturation on 10 I only hear a sliiight effect, with the effect on 100%. So, I'm wishing you'd give those of us who can't send a loud enough signal into the TF a piece of the cake too Wink

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