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      Hi !

      I’m using my Time Factor as a dual parallel delay processor for my guitar pedal board. I’ve got two pedal paths, A and B, and each has one specific delay setting at the end, channel A and B in the Time Factor. (delay mix 10:10, mid position)
      It’s working fine except for one thing : If I want effect line A to have no delay, and Effect line B to have a hige delay, I set the time to minimum on channel A, it reads “no delay”, which exactly what I want, but I have a chorus/phase effect. As if I was hearing direct signal AND a few milliseconds delayed signal.

      Does any one know if it’s possible to have a true clear channel one side and a big delay channel on the other?

      Thanks a lot dudes !

      P.S. If the pre/post routing was a “preset” setting instead of a “global” one,that should do the trick…

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