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      I've had my Timefactor for about a year now-but it's only recently hit my pedalboard 'cos of  time pressures etc. I have the new 2.4 software, but can't help making the obvious observations-apart from being a fab sounding unit.

      1/With 50 banks now available, and only uni-directional scrolling, getting to the patch you want is really impractical in a live situation-particularly since mine sometimes jumps 2 banks for a single push (round we go again)

      Yes I know- I could limit the number of banks to less than 50- but it really is clunky- on a rack unit you can scroll with the jog wheel in no time to get the patch- this is system is crippling.

      2/That billboard display is appalling, and unreadable/unuseable in broad daylight eg outdoor gig. What were they thinking?

      All up- it seems to me like a missed opportunity to create a timeless classic. The technology is there, but the presentation reminds me of the Windows Vista fiasco.

      Or am I missing something here..?

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      Midi Controller + Midi Mapping. Makes the unit a very powerful tool and very easy to control.

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      To have a bi directional preset scroll ability either use an auxiliary footswitch to scroll down ( ihave triple switch, scroll down, tap tempo, and bank/play mode) or if you hit the bank up switch and turn the encoder in either direction within 2 seconds, you can scroll up or down on the unit like a rack effect. Granted it's not as easy as a footcontroller, but rack effects need an external controller as well.

      The display is a bit "dot matrix" looking, but as far as being hard to read in the daylight, most screens on FX units are, so it's hard to fault Eventide for that.

      Get a good (even decent) midi controller like kdavies suggested and it takes care of both problems for you if you need to go that far. The only "missed opportunity" I've experienced with my TimeFactor and Modfactor pedals is the chance to lug around 6 or 7 other pedals in order to get equal or often inferior sound quality.

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      Both good replies with valid points- and I've learnt a thing or two about the remote footswitch function, so thanks to the posters. My baseline for the criticism is the TC Electronics G Major rack unit, which also has a dual engine delay feature, a very nice LED display, plus onboard tuner, not to mention superb reverbs and delays.

      However, as pointed out-it also needs a remote midi footsitch for pre-set scrolling, and an impedance matching device to allow connection to the front end of a guitar amp (if you are sans loop)

      I assume those who use a triple switch assign it as UP/DOWN/BYPASS and leave the Timefactor back on the amp??



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