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      My timefactor seems to randomly shutdown while operating – Usually within 3-4 minutes of use. The lights above all three switches, the peak and tempo lights, and the model selection and screen flash in unison. The unit ceases to operate when this happens.

      Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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      Eventide Staff

      This is not a good thing. Sorry.

      First make sure you are using the supplied power supply. Then, check the power lead and socket for damage, by "wiggling" each part to see if this causes the problem.

      If the above does not help, it is probably a hardware issue, and you should contact your dealer, or support@eventide.com

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      How ironic, mine just started do the exact same thing. The unit has had approx 10 hours use all up.

      How can I get this repaired. I'm in the UK.

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      Hey there,

      I had purchased my original Timefactor from Sweetwater. They are an online music retailer. I copied my forum post and the response I got from nickrose and sent them to my sales person's email. Sweetwater is cool like that. I have my own sales guy that I buy from. Anyway, I give them credit – he had their shipping department email me a pre-paid FedEx label and I dropped it off a local parcel depot. Two days later I received confirmation from Sweetwater they had my defective Timefactor and they were sending me a new one. I received it two days later.

      I've never had a trade-in for a warranty issue go so smoothly. I highly recommend Sweetwater for all gear related purchased that don't fall into boutique categories.

      Good luck with your return!

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