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      I use  a buffer before  my pedals , differents overdrive (ocd,ac booster) and  at the end the time factor.

      I hear  an alteration of my tone (brightness-less warm)  most  with  this overdrive.

      if i set  the Truebypass on Relay and i switch off the  Tf  the sound is good, but  when  i switch on  the pedal i hear a clip and  then the  sound  is altered (BRIGHTNESS)…i hear the clip only  during the switch on-off   a preset ,not  switching  between two different presets

      if  i set the pedal on Dsp  the sound  between  active  or not is the same but it's altered(-brightness  most if  the overdrive is on- -the  drive sound is less warm). in this case i don't ear clip  switching on-off the pedal.

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      What kind of amp are you using in your setup? How do you have everything connected?

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      i use   fender hot road deville(tube) and i use a neutrik cables(short-cables).

      with this set up i hear  a different kind of sound switching between relay and dsd (truebypass), but with the relay, the switch is not  silent (when the pedal switch from off  to on (active), not when the pedal is activated and i switch only the persets or banks.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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