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      I am trying to control my Eventide
      TimeFactor with an expression pedal (EB JR.) that's plugged into my
      Ground Control Pro. I am noticing a delay when trying to control the
      Expression Pedal features via CC controllers (I go to the heel position
      and the TimeFactor takes about 2-3 seconds to go from 100 to 0, I go
      back to the toe position and it takes another 2-3 seconds to go back up
      to 100). This isn't that big of a deal since I'm mostly using the pedal
      to increase feedback and wet/dry signal, but I would like to know if
      MIDI can make it react the same way it would if I'm plugged right into
      the 1/4" Expression Pedal input.

      Please let me know.



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      Eventide Staff

      Obviously, this shouldn't happen. It may be that for unknown reasons the GC is deluging the TF with MIDI messages and is clogging its pipes. Or maybe there is something (again unknown) wrong with the TF.

      It might be helpful to know EXACTLY what the TF display is showing during the 2-3 seconds. Also, if possible, beg borrow or steal a different controller and see if you get the same result.

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      It shows 100 counting down to 0 VERY gradually…..and vice versa

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      Eventide Staff

      Very mysterious. Presumably it is either the GC or the TF, so the best thing to do is to try to replace one or the other and see if it makes a difference. This is not a problem we know.

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