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      reading the manual while i'm waiting for my timefactor to come in the mail… wondering if I'm understanding this correctly maybe someone who has theirs can try this:

      it sounds like you can map an expression pedal to the dly mix knob which fades between input 1 and input 2?

      this means i could for example, use my other pedals in front of the timefactor and split my signal, run a dirt pedal to input 1 and an octave to input 2 and the expression pedal would then crossfade between the two sounds?

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       Hi shane-et

      the delay mix control fades between the 2 delay lines, NOT between the 2 inputs….



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      ok, well that prompts more questions for me…

      does that mean the 2 inputs are mixed then twin delays applied to their mix? I think that would mean any stereo imaging I have before the pedal is mixed into mono first?

      I thought I read somewhere the circuits are discreet?

      is the hardware capable of keeping 1 and 2 seperate? if it is then maybe this crossfade thing could be implemented with an update

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      ah yes I am reading the manual again and I see that knob is the level of dalay a and b…

      prompts more questions for me…

      are the circuits for channel 1 and 2 discreet?

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       Channels 1 and 2 are true stereo ones. Feeding a stereo signal to the pedal results in the original stereo panning + the 2 delays at the outputs, which are completely separated for L & R.


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      ok that's good it's discreet, I misunderstood the descriptions I thought delay a went to channel 1 and delay b to channel 2 not both delays to both channels

      other than simple routing the only pedal I've found that will let you pan between two chains is the "toneczar vfm" pedal and it's like 500 bucks, a lot of money for what seems like such a simple signal process

      i put this in a post in the future update wishes thread

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