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      I´ve got a little question about Midiswitching. I know, that the TF would change it´s Programs via Program-Change-Messages with a Midiboard. But does it work on the other way? Can I use the TF to control an external FX-Unit with Midi? Say: Preset 1:1 on the TF = Programm 001 on my G-Major (example). Preset 1:2 on the TF = Programm 002 on the G-Major. That would be fine for controlling a small Rig or someone like me who uses only a few Sounds. Is this possible?

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      Look at the MIDI [XMT MAP] description in the User manual.

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      this is exactly what I was looking for! And it works great! Thank you so much! But as I´ve downloaded the Updates and tweaked a bit, the G-Major´s only use is for Midiswitching! The Choruses, Reverbs and Delay are now made ONLY with the Timefactor! That´s all I need! Awsome little Box!

      Best wishes from Germany,

      Frank 🙂

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