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      Is it possible to setup an auxiliary switch to toggle between preset volumes within a single preset?  If not, could you please add it to a future feature request?


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      To the best of my knowledge, this isn't possible from within a single preset.

      Just an idea, but couldn't you use a boost, overdrive, or distortion pedal for this? I'm not aware of any delay pedals from any manufacturer that have a feature like this. I believe that the preset volume that has been added to V3 is meant as a way to balance the effect vs. bypass level, not as a volume boost.

      If you really want the TF to do this, couldn't you use 2 presets with differing output levels but all other parameters the same? I know that would use half of the presets for basically duplicate settings, but how many completely different presets do you really use during a gig (not counting tempo changes)?

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      See answers below:

      1.  Many people use amp distortion.  Particularly in higher gain
      applications, a boost, overdrive, or distortion pedal before the amp
      input does not raise the volume rather, only increases gain,
      compression, and noise.  Most effects loops in quality tube amps are
      line level only and unless the loop in question has the ability to run
      at instrument level, drive pedals will not work correctly when placed
      there.  To accomplish a volume boost only in a line level effects loop
      without any other changes in tone requires a device that either
      attenuates the signal for rhythms and can switch to unity gain, giving a
      perceived volume boost (i.e. low impedance volume pedal), or an active
      device that can attenuate/boost such as the functionality added to the
      latest TimeFactor software update.

      2.  The only other delay pedal that I am aware of that can handle
      line level signals and can store volume levels on a preset basis is the forthcoming
      Strymon Timeline.

      3.  With a range of -20dBu to +6dBu, the preset
      volume control on the TF has the capability to do much more than simply
      balance levels between bypassed and effected states.

      4.  I
      absolutely could toggle between two of the exact same presets with
      varying volumes however, it would require in certain cases to bank up or
      down plus selecting the preset to get there.  When it's solo time, it
      would be far more convenient to have a single switch that is volume boost only.  The number of presets available isn't the
      issue.  Plus, I have a free switch on my 3 button auxiliary foot
      switch.  Yes

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      You definitely have some points, but I was just trying to offer an alternative view, or just playing devil's advocate.

      I use several high-gain amps. If I need a volume boost, I personally use a compressor, which works well. Distortion and/or overdrive pedals act a lot like boost pedals when the drive is set

      While there may not be many pedals that handle line-levels, almost every rack delay I've seen does. Very few amps, regardless of brand or cost or quality, very rarely run effects loops at true line levels. It doesn't make any sense to, since it wouldn't allow the use of almost all pedals, thereby decreasing the usability and perceived value of the amp.

      You're right, the range of level control added to V3 could do more than simply balance levels, and I wouldn't complain if Eventide added the ability to control the level via ext switch, MIDI CC, or exp pedal. On the other hand, the TF is a delay pedal, not a gain pedal.

      You could always rearrange your presets, using the preset map in the utility function, so that you wouldn't have to change banks (unless you wanted three or more levels of the same effect).

      And, hey, if all else fails, blame the sound guy, right?? They never remember to turn up the solos. 😉

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