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      I picked up a used TimeFactor a couple of months ago, and there are a few ‘dots’ in the billboard display that don’t work.  Functionality of the pedal is fine, and I can’t justify the expense of sending it in for repair for something so minor; however, it is kind of annoying, and I’d like to explore the possibility of repairing it myself.


      When I remove the top plate of the pedal, I can see that the billboard is comprised of four 5×7 3-mm dot-matrix LED modules.  It should be easy enough to find some new LED modules, but my question is this:  Are the modules soldered to the circuit board below, or can they be ‘popped out’ and replaced?


      If major surgery is required, I’ll have to (sadly) live with a slightly-less-than-perfect TF, as I wouldn’t want to risk damaging it with my flamethrower-like soldering skills.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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      Eventide Staff

      The modules are soldered to the board, but they are usually pretty reliable. You could try some gentle re-touching, but avoid the flame-thrower.


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      Thanks for the quick reply Nick – that likely prevented me from doing something stupid…

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