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      mr. limbic

      I posted this in another forum but had some messages asking about settings so here they are in a separate thread, but I am also looking for 2290 settings if anyone has something close, thanks!

      I actually get better Binson sounds from my TF then my El Cap because the repeats can trail a lot longer before they go into oscillation if I want them to, but anything tape or washy sounding get work from the Cap. 

      For cleaner, more rhythmic Binson tones I use the Vintage DDL algorithm (my personal favorite) with both A and B delays configured for a multi-head sound, modulation increased until the sound just kind of warbles a bit (not really chorusy), filter wherever suits you, delay time on the Binsons went only to about 370 ms, depending what era we are talking about, so use that or something close as your max time for one of the delays, and oh yeh LONG feedback. If I want more of the "Echoes" Pompeii sound I will use similar settings with the Tape algorithm, OR I will set delay A and B so that instead of them ping ponging like multi head, I will set them so they are slightly off. This way after about the 3rd or 4th repeat the delays will run into each other and create a sort of reverb effect, but since they are modulated and end up doubling at that point, SO the sound becomes even more modulated and ethereal. If I am using it for a solo like this I will probably increase the mix a hair and lower the FB, that way you get a huge wall of sound w/ a fuzz but you can play passages without everything turing into a muddy mess.

      These settings have cured my gas for NEEDING a Catalinbread Echorec, but I still want one to compare, or even use alongside it, or place it in the effects loop of my Tight Fuzz, decisions decisions…

      I should also note that these settings work much better for the random Echorec sound if you are using MS and NOT BPM. I like the option, but for the Binson sound you dont want it to necessarily be in perfect time. However, I am in an electronic group which uses clicks and beat syncs, so it is also a cool effect to be sync'd, kind of a pattern delay if you will, but not suited for solos imo

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