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      Yesterday at band practice, I was trying to save a preset (dotted eighth digital delay at 150 bpm) to bank 1:1. After saving it, I tried to save another preset (quarter note vintage delay at 110 bpm) to bank 3.1. After saving the second preset, I went back to bank 1:1 and noticed that it was also saved at 110 bpm now instead of the original 150 bpm. However, it did save the delay types and note values. I was under the impression when I bought the unit that I would be able to store different tempo's in different banks. I checked and made sure the global mix and tempo were both off, and there were. Is there something under midi clock I need to check for? Do I need to edit the tempo's in play mode instead of bank mode? I have tried everything. I stayed up til 4 am last night going through the forums on your website, consulting the manual, youtube videos, etc. I still cannot find how to reseolve this issue. Is there indeed a way to do this? If so, and help in the world would be greatly appreciated.

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      Do you have anything MIDI'd to your TF? If so, and if it's transmitting MIDI clock, and if TF is set to receive MIDI clock, it will override any tempo saved with the preset. Try setting MIDI CLK to OFF. If that's already set, please let us know more about to what & how your TF is connected.

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      Hi Jordan,

      As Timothy says a midi input would override the set bpm, the other obvious culprit is global tempo, though you checked that.  Is the unit still doing this, and if so, what version is it?



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      I figured it out.

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