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      I use a MIDI foot controller to select presets on my TimeFactor and to simultaneously toggle the amps effect loop on and off with one press of a single button.

      My band has begun playing open mic sessions, which always provide a full backline, including guitar amplifiers. I still bring my TimeFactor because it is so integral to my sound. So far all of these backline amplifiers have had effect loops, but none of them have had the feature/ability to turn them on and off: they are simply always on.

      So for these configurations I have added the TimeFactor's bypass/active features to the midi controller. So now with the press of one button the TF changes from bypass to active and selects the preset. Unfortunately there is too much latency with this and, depending upon the song, I play several notes and/or chord changes before the preset kicks in. For me, that stinks on ice.

      Anybody have any ideas on how to reduce the latency?

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      You could try using TimeFactor's Killdry feature. It is a Bypass Mode designed for use with effects loops. With Killdry ON, Bypassing TimeFactor mutes the output, so you can leave the amp's effects loop ON the whole time.

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