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      Hi all!

      Im hoping someone here can stop me from pulling my hair out 🙂

      Ive just purchased a brand new TF and I'm having problems with the bypass modes, in that none of them seem to work, at least not the way I believe they should be.

      For the sake of testing, I've kept my setup simple:

      Guitar-TF input- TF output-amp input. 

      Im running the TF into the front of my amp (Vox AC30). I have the bypass mode set to DSP+DLY and when I hit bypass, I lose signal at the TF output altogether. I have tried the remaining bypass modes (DSP and RELAY) and they do the same thing. If I go into ACTIVE mode the output works fine. Bypass mode kills the signal totally.

      The TF is running firmware version 3.

      Do I need to reload firmware? Am I going crazy? 

      My understanding is when you hit Bypass , the audio input should be sent straight to the output and "bypass" the effect?? Does the TF do it differently??

      Confused and disappointed.

      Really appreciate any advice.



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      So when the effect is bypassed… you get nothing at all? When the effect is enable you get sound?

      Have you enabled "KillDry" as this option is for use when in a paralel Effects Loop, the Factor only passes processed sound…you use the mix control of the Effect Loop to mix the two sounds together.

      BUT if you are using the factor in front of an amp…you would not want this.

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      Hi badmelonfarmer, thanks for the reply. 

      No, the killdry feature is off – I've double checked that.

      Looks like I may have a dud pedal. My only thought is to reload the firmware but I would not have thought that necessary on a brand new pedal.

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      Eventide Staff

      You should not need to reload the firmware – it's unlikely to change anything. BMF is right to consider killdry, which would have this sort of effect, but it would not also apply to relay bypass.

      Silly question, but are you sure you are using both input 1 and output 1 ? What you describe would happen if you came into input 1 and out of input 2.

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      Hi nickrose

      Certainly not a silly question in this instance. You are absolutely correct. I had the guitar going into input one and output connected via output 2. My bad! Bypass is now working fine.

      That'll teach me for tying to fiddle with my signal flow at 3 in the morning!

      Thanks for your response. Time for me to put on the "noob" hat! Embarrassed

      I look forward to learning more about what this pedal can do.


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      glad you got it sorted and you can now enjoy your TimeFactor

      Have fun!

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