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      So I’ve been scratching my head at this for a while now. I’ve skimmed the manual and did a few online searches, but can’t seem to find anything? crying


      Anyways, what I want to be able to do is be in preset mode (since I keep my presets saved for when I gig) and change the delay type without it changing the name of the preset. Say I have a digital delay preset named “Blah blah blah” and I want to see if it’ll sound better as a tape delay, I change the delay type but the name changes with it to “TapeEcho” or whatever the default name is instead of remaining “Blah blah blah.” I want it to keep all the settings (including the name) the same and only change the sound. I know that my timefactor didn’t use to do that before. It’s not a huge issue, but it is extremely annoying having to change the name back (I get lost and need that constant reminder what preset I’m on okay! haha) everytime I get curious what things would sound like on other modes.


      Anyone encounter this issue? Or better yet, know how to fix it?



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      I’m having this same issue. I don’t remember it doing this before I upgraded the firmware. Did you find a solution?

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      Eventide Staff

      When you change the delay type you are changing to another algorithm. Even though the knobs stay at same positions, the knobs and the signal processing behind them have been changed. For example, the same knob in different algorithms can be FILTER, MOD, XFADE, or SATURATION.

      Although you can't do that on the unit, I would recommend you connect your TimeFactor to a computer and use H9 Control edit software. It will be easier for you to switch and compare those algorithms by creating a preset list of different algorithms with the same set of parameters.

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