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       Hi. First post and must say the Time Factor is a dream come true.

      I am noticing though, that dubbing a loop with the decay set to anything greater than zero creates a click, presumably when the decay circuit switches in or out. It's not noticable if the loop is silent (say,  a few seconds of looped silence), but where there is a looped note with a dubbed section, you hear the change in decay, as you would expect, but the change is preceded and followed by definite switching click.

       Can anyone confirm this? If so, might it be addressed in the next OS update?

      I am using this with an SF3X Footswitch to control the looper. (The clicks happen whether I control the looper with the Aux or main switches.) Would buffering the aux switches with capacitors help in the short term? If so is there a recommended value for the caps?


      Keith Smith

      ed: Having thought about this some more, it seems most likely that the click is caused because the decay multiplier is being applied with no fade -maybe over only one sample? Makes me wonder if it's a bug that has crept in somewhere.


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