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             First of all the Timefactor is a pedal that just keeps giving so thanks for that, but I've noticed something:

      I've just got a Line 6 M5 and I was hoping to use my Timefactor as a multifx of sorts, controlling presets, tap tempo and active/bypass on the M5.

      Tap tempo works by sending control messages via my aux switch, I tried the MIDI clock option but it takes a few extra beats before it transmits (not sure if that's even an issue).

      Presets work fine when I select them using the TF and so does the program change map.

      The issue is with the on/off option. When I turn the TF on using my aux footswitch, the M5 turn on then off straight away. So is the issue that the ctl transmit sends an on then off message at the same time? Which would be fine for tap tempo messages but not so much for on/off messages.

      On top of this, all the TF controls send control data via MIDI except for the onboard footswitches. Can they be added?

      So in summary if an aux switch is set to control on/off on the Timefactor, couldn't it transmit on and off ctl messages seperately instead of both for each aux switch press?


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      Thank you for using Eventide! It sounds like you are really making use of the TimeFactor's MIDI features.

      The knobs can be set to transmit MIDI CC values, perhaps assigning an aux switch to control a knob would achieve what you are looking for. There is a System menu called "KnobLock" which prevents the onboard knobs from changing the sound but still keeps them transmitting MIDI.

      We will look into the issues you described. It may be possible to address these things in a future software update.



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      Thanks for your reply, but I don't think the Knoblock feature is available on the TF, and I just updated it.

      But just so I get it straight in my head. You want me to set an aux switch to any knob, say the xnob, but have knoblock on. So any aux switch assignments to a knob won't work with knoblock on? But at the same time they'd still send out a midi cc?

      I thought if you assigned an aux switch to a knob it would have a momentary effect, so I don't see how it would send a single cc message anyway.


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