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      I recently came across the following problem on my new Timefactor (2.0.3, factory settings, no catchup function): I was in bank mode and switched to play mode (digital effect) and turned the delay time knob – without reaction. I then set the delay time A an B and feedback A and B to zero (I'm playing in mono setup) but there was still delay on. How can this happen?
      After changing the effect and coming back to the digital effect everything was OK.
      It seems like TF was freezing the settings in the play mode?

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      Hi Herb,

      When you turned the delay knob did the display show the change you were making? Was there an expression pedal connected to TimeFactor? Did you hear delay with feedback or without feedback? Knowing these things might help figure out what happened. 


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      I don't remember whether the display showed the change. There was no expression pedal (in which way would this make a difference?), I think that there was delay with feedback.
      One other question:
      – I'm in play mode
      – I make knob settings in one effect (e.g. digital effect with filter on 100 % for high cut)
      – I switch to another effect (vintage) without making any knob changes
      – after coming back to the digital effect, the filter settings do not correspond to the knob settings (high cut 100 %)
      Where do the settings come from?

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